Saturday, April 26, 2008

December Wedding at the Marquardt Ranch

Sarah Dawson and Garet Gold had a beautiful, informal, and yet elegant wedding at the Marquardt ranch 40 miles outside of San Antonio on a hill top overlooking the banks of the Medina River. It was one of the first weddings held at this site. Sarah was attracted by the rustic but scenic Hill Country setting.

Sarah has a young daughter,Ayden, by a previous marriage and we were the only folks hired back for this affair. Sarah's events are always such fun to photograph and she is such a beautiful woman harking ack to her modeling days.

Sarah was radiant and looked ready for what was to come

The bride's room with the balcony was a nice touch for the bridal dressing room.

Sarah wasn't the only one who was getting beautified

Garet had several gifts for his new daughter--jewelry to adorn her

It was a beatiful golden December afternoon as Sarah and Garet said their vows

They were married at the gazebo

Sealed with a kiss

You can see that Garet and Sarah had a lively and fun bridal party

Is Garet a happy guy or what?

The reception was also nice with a candlelight glow that symbolized the warm and celebritory mood inside

The warmth and intimate feelings between Sarah and Garet is evident especially on the dance floor

Sarah and Garet weren't the only ones having a great time!

It is really a privilege to be part of such a beautiful wedding with everyone having such a good time. Thank you, Sarah and Garet! It was such a privilege.

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